What We Do

EPIC is a software platform, with one goal: Enabling its userbase to effectively collect, catalogue, analyze, automate and report project and business data in real time.

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Data Gathering

Providing ipads to field workers to gather data.

Custom Solutions

Innovative, custom solutions for even the most unique requirements of every client.


Turning data into actionable information, through analysis, reporting and automation.


Hundreds of professionals at your fingertips to step in, or provide expert know-how.



New Pipelines - Texas

Over 40 Miles, New Construction

Multiple new pipeline construction projects, in Texas, USA. All inspection data gathering, reporting, compliance,and analytics.

Distribution - Arkansas

O&M and New Projects

EPIC equips 15+ Inspectors from four different inspection service providers engaged in ongoing maintenance and new projects for a Major Utility Company.

Distribution - Kentucky

O&M and New Projects

Kentucky based distribution client executes new projects and maintenance using the Survey, Land (ROW) and Inspection modules of EPIC.

Tech Talk

The following applications are some examples from the EPIC environment.

Field Data Gathering

EPIC uses mobile devices to capture observations, images, and other data including pipe data, personnel Information, equipment, and unit price items, all with automated location tags.


EPIC uses PowerBI by Microsoft to process and visualize the gathered field data in a usable and intuitive format.


EPIC integrates with Primavera by Oracle, ArcMap by ESRI, Sharepoint-OneDrive by Microsoft to deliver the most powerful reporting capabilities in the industry.

Who needs EPIC?

Inspectors, Surveyors, Land Agents...

Collecting data digitally through EPIC allows automated identification of input errors, easy searches to locate information needed to address exceptions and issues, and automated reporting and data visualizations.

Quality Managers, Project Managers

EPICs data allows managers to track progress, display progress on maps, identify trends, forecast and analyze.

Engineers / Owners

EPIC can assemble and map gathered data to allow engineers to visualize and compare field data with design requirements.

Directors / Executives

EPIC provides upper management with visualization and oversight tools to allow efficient review of project (portfolio) status and schedules.

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